Why A Mattress?

you'll love this process

We've done it ourselves and have the horror stories to share...and don't think anyone else should have to go through it. We designed this process to make it quick and easy for you to get a mattress to market. Let us tell you how we can help you... 

iMattress Brands helps companies design and manufacture bedding products to add to your retail line-up. From furniture and home stores to lifestyle brands, from a single mattress to a full line, we'll help you quickly and easily enter the $14 billion/year mattress sales arena.

No upfront costs, no warehousing, no inventory, no shipping hassles...just a great new, unique product to enhance your brand.


A $14 Billion/Year Growth Industry

how it works

We cut out the hassle and confusion in building a quality Made in the USA product for you and let you take advantage of the $14 billion/year market in the United States. 

We hand-hold you through the entire process from product strategy, design, manufacturing, and launch. Trust us, this is EASY.