Conception - Our team works with you to design the product(s), create a pricing strategy, and choose materials, fabrics, and comfort layers. 

Development - Using your criteria, we then match the product with the appropriate factory from our stable of parter manufacturers in the United States (no off-shore manufacturing!). 

Set Up - Once the product is approved with samples, etc. we finalize warranties, FAQ information for your use, and drop shipping processes. 

Launch - The product goes live, you start selling, and we make sure the factory delivers!

What we do and why

Casper disrupted the mattress industry in 2014 - now you can too...

why build a mattress...

process steps

He's doing all the work...every time you sell one... sometimes when you're sleeping.


With factory partners coast-to-coast in the United States, we match your requirements with the most suitable manufacturing resource and handle all communication during the process.

product development

We work with you to design the mattress or full product line that matches your consumer demographics and then help you select the various comfort layers, materials, and marketing strategy.

The mattress industry is one of those legacy, it's-always-been-done-this-way type industries that also happens to generate $14 billion per year in retail sales. Back in 2014, the team at Casper took the Uber approach to that industry and created a $100+ million/year business selling a memory foam bed-in-a-box direct to consumers. We want to help you do the same.

The team at iMattress are industry veterans with deep contacts in the mattress manufacturing industry. We are product experts who can help you quickly cut through the confusion and get to product launch (sometimes in as little as two weeks). 

There are several benefits to adding a mattress or mattress line to your existing product catalog: 

  • High margin product
  • ​Our team has over six decades of mattress industry experience 
  • Complement existing products (bedding, furniture, home redesign services, etc)
  • Extends your brand
  • It's easy - our service requires no inventory, no upfront costs, no warehousing
  • Made in the USA 
  • Did we mention - it's EASY! You can be up and running in a couple weeks!

product Support  

Over the lifetime of the product, we are your consistent resource and partner in working with the factories and guaranteeing product quality, shipping, and customer support.